About us

We are offering a range of correlated cause to school and daily application in our life. we are offering Abacus, Vedic maths, Handwriting & Calligraphy course for age group 6 and above.

The aim of the Academy is to provide resources, promote the use of the Vedic system, encourage research and bring together all those who appreciate its simplicity and coherence.

It is one of the best and leading academies in India which is specialised in the field of ABACUS, VEDIC MATHS, HANDWRITING & CALLIGRAPHY.Since the inception of the Institute, we have trained thousands of Children with our unique academic technique. 

Yashashree academy of Education is committed to distributing innovative educational concepts to enhance mental capabilities in young children.

Abacus deals with learning the basics of Maths like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division  and decimal by using the beaded tool call Abacus. Initially the kids are taught to do some by using an abacus.


Vedic Maths uses shortcuts to solve the lengthy problems. Length in terms of the size of the numbers and lengthy in terms of the number of steps needed to do the problems.



Calligraphy is an Art of writing Alphabets, Numbers, Words, Sentences in many styles using Calligraphy Pens in a Beautiful and an Impressive way. Calligraphy is used to make beautiful lettering art in School Projects, Greeting Cards, Names on Certificates, Invitation Cards, Birthday Cards, etc.